What is Homeopathy, how does it work?

Homeopathy is a system of medical therapeutics based upon a fundamental law of nature known as The Law of Similars, a law that is unchangeable and constant, such as the law of gravity. This law enunciates that those symptoms that a substance can cause when administered to a healthy person, are the very symptoms, which that substance can cure when administered to a sick person. This law was coined by Hahnemann and accurately expressed in Latin “Similia Similibus Curentur” which translation means ‘let like be cured by like’. 

The correct application of the law enables the physician with the ability to bring about a cure in curable conditions and to bring relief to those cases that are beyond cure. Hence, homeopathy is a system of therapeutics, which is not suppressive or palliative, nor it is a replacement therapy. Homeopathy acts by restoring the patient’s constitution to a state of on-going vigour, health and balance, experienced both mentally and physically. 

It achieves this by utilising, stimulating and enhancing the body’s own curative, defensive and recuperative powers. The remedy that fulfils this criterion is the one that best matches or mirrors the patient’s mental, emotional and physical condition, best known as the homeopathic ‘simillimum’ – the remedy most ‘like’. The word itself Homeopathy derives from two Greek words, homoios, meaning like or similar and pathos, meaning disease or suffering, joined together in one word – homeopathy – thus indicating ‘like suffering’ which applies and summarises the fundamental law on which homeopathy is based. 

In modern times, disregard for the healing law of similar leaves orthodox medicine therapeutically helpless in face of widespread viral epidemics such as the December 2012 outbreaks of monovirus infection with severe vomiting. This severe viral gastroenteritis is characterized by marked nausea, projectile vomiting, watery diarrhoea and strong abdominal cramps, with associated prostration, weakness, muscle pains, headaches and low-grade fever. 

This condition is highly contagious, infects thousands and has led to schools and hospital wards to be closed. All modern medicine can offer for such cases is symptomatic palliation and in severe cases, rehydration. The symptom picture of this particular gastroenteritis, is identical to that caused by crude arsenic poisoning, pointing to Arsenicum album (Ars alb) as the homeopathic remedy of choice for this incapacitating condition. This specific remedy is a well-known remedy for gastroenteritis in homeopathic households and a remedy never missing from any homeopathic self-aid medicine kit. When correctly chosen homeopathic remedies act promptly, both clinically and prophylactically, bringing about a gentle, speedy and permanent cure as well as halting contagiousness (prophylactically). 

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