Client Testimonials

Ria Dhawan, London, UK:

​​I found Dr. Alex at a time when my family doctor was trying his best to find a way to rid me of my impetigo, but unfortunately failing… and in the bargain causing me much physical and emotional anguish. Dr. Alex has been very thorough, patient, accessible, holistic in her approach to care and importantly, highly discerning when it came to diagnosing and then prescribing a course of action. They say homeo as a method is slow to act, but was I pleasantly surprised!! Her prescriptions work almost instantly (with stunning overnight results!), she explains things with utmost clarity and her confidence in herself is admirable. I would trust her completely, in the event of needing any medical support for myself and my family.

Nancy Crawford, London, UK:

First of all I am so grateful that I managed to meet Alex at Triyoga in Ealing. Without this fortunate opportunity I feel I would still be stuck with concerns and health issues. The treatment has had a significant effect, and I know the particular remedy I am taking is perfect for me. Alex has an amazing knowledge and her understanding and commitment is outstanding. Add to these qualities her scientific background and you soon realise how special Alex is. Her approach and support has really exceeded my expectations and I can see by her level of interest and research into the detailed questionnaire that I completed before I met her, that she really cares. I can’t recommend Alex enough and I am astounded, amazed and beyond grateful for the improvements to both the physical and mental improvements I am experiencing

Natasha Stamatelatos, Kapandriti, Greece:

Alex has been our family doctor for years .. helping every member of the family with little problems here or there… Problems that otherwise would have only been solved only by taking doses of antibiotics: from ear infections to infected especially well) or urinary track inflammations to sinusitis.. and many more .. wasp bites (I remember that painful experience). 

Mainly she worked miracles by following my youngest daughter that from an early age was diagnosed with allergies and condemned to a life of cortisone and antihistamine but under Alex’s supervision all was solved by some constant intake of ” little white pills “… a so much more healthy solution to her reoccurring problem ..

S.Antionadis, Switzerland:

I have been in treatment with Dr Alex, mostly for hormonal imbalances for many years. She is a great listener, a great professional and has an incredible intuition. 

Even though now we live in different countries we were able to maintain treatment throughout the years, by phone or Skype. I am extremely grateful for her wisdom, advice & help.

Emma Norris, Devon, UK:

I have suffered with hypertension for all of my adult life and regularly taking conventional medicine prescribed by my GP for this condition.  For the last three to four years I had developed a persistent cough as a known side effect of my latest prescription.  Following a discussion with my doctor, I felt resigned to having to put up with this irritating situation. 

Then I was recommended Alex by a friend and although sceptical at first, I have been completely won over by her dedication, enthusiasm and pragmatism in helping resolve this and now many other ailments through homeopathy.  My cough completely disappeared within a couple of days and needless to say I am no longer a sceptic and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. 

Alex is a true professional, thorough and accessible and utterly committed to providing improved health care through homeopathy.



Panayiotis Panos, Athens, Greece:

It has been my great pleasure to know Dr. Alexandra Carneiro de Melo over the past 10 years as a person and homeopathic doctor.

Photos are example of her work, regarding my son’s acne condition.

She has been consistently treating me, my kids, my extended family and my pets, since 2009. She has succeeded in a very effective way, all sorts of conditions with excellent results.

I have seen the results of her work on major health problems, asserting diagnoses and respective treatments, tackling the problems with great passion and high professionalism, achieving great results even in serious cases.

She has earned our trust, and she is the main reason of me and my family to opt for homeopathic treatment and therapies for the rest of our lives.
We trust her because she has an open mind, a passion for her work, loyalty and vast knowledge.

I have never recommended anyone but, she is the exception and I do it with all my heart.

Cairns Siobhan, Dublin, Ireland:

Alex has successfully treated both myself and my three-year daughter, Jess, many times.   I feel particularly grateful and eternally indebted to Alex, with respect to treatment my daughter.  As with any child at this young age, Jess has had numerous sniffles, colds, flu’s etc and contracted ear infections, etc.  I believe Alex has saved me from the doctor’s office many times and particularly from having to use prescriptive drugs (such as anti-biotics) as well as over the counter medicines (like calpol/ibuprofen, with the latter having a particularly harsh impact on a child’s liver).

The degree of detail Alex went into to identify the correct remedy combined with the high-level of follow-up was impressive.  I felt, Alex really cared about both the patient and the outcome and I now know Alex is wholly dedicated to both her profession and her clients.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends.

Margie Doyle, Athens, Greece:

Dr Alex de Melo has been giving me homeopathic treatments since January 2015. I started with Alex in order to prevent recurring dizziness that occurred intermittently over a 5 year period. Since being with Dr Alex, I have had no more episodes.

Since July 2015 Dr Alex has been following my case from abroad through e-mails and SKYPE. At the beginning of January 2016 I had an accident and broke both arms. Alex stayed close to me prescribing remedies to help me handle the difficulties of a serious staph infection and severe incontinence throughout the nights. Both situations were handled completely due to Dr Alex’s persistence.

In the meantime chronic problems with my sciatic nerve have been addressed and an increasing hip problem is now being handled.
I was very disappointed when Dr Alex moved abroad, fearing she would not be able to follow my case well enough to really help me. This has not been the case and I am very happy to have her by my side. She is very warm and humane and yet no nonsense. Dr Alex never gives up and always finds a solution regardless of the difficulty of the condition.

Nilufer Caglar, Athens, Greece:

Dr. Alex de Melo is my family homeopath since 2010. she has successfully supported myself, our family of 2 boys, our numerous pets and our horses. At first our relationship only covered the human members of the family.
Seeing her various heroic animal rescues from impossible circumstances we had full trust in her as our family vet as well!!

During 7 years of our cooperation she has successfully dealt with numerous health issues like skin problems, trauma,fatigue, colds, sprains, inflammations, immune supports etc.

I strongly recommend her as a homeopath for humans as well as animals.

James Ray, Portland Oregon, USA:

Dr. Melo is a gifted and brilliant homeopath. She is a PhD in Applied Microbiology who uses that education and scientific training to truly deliver the benefits of homeopathy. In this regard I am certain she is quite unique.
Dr Melo gave a thorough and penetrating interview that served as the basis of all her treatments, a step with which I was unfamiliar and now understand is essential to proper homeopathy. She helped me with a serious health issue, elevated intraocular pressure, and with a less medically serious problem, jet lag. IOP: I developed a severe allergic reaction to the normal eyedrops used to control IOP, but with Dr Melo’s prescription my IOP is under control. I believe she has helped prevent the onset of glaucoma. JET LAG:, she recommended a therapy regimen that has virtually eliminated jet lag. I am on long international flights frequently for business and this has been nothing short of miracle.

And finally, I sought help from Dr Melo when my elderly mother was suffering from chronic arthritis pain and deep depression. Again, the results were significant and a godsend for me mother.

I recommend Dr. Melo with the highest level of enthusiasm. You will simply never find a more qualified, effective, and committed homeopath.

Thalia Maria Georgoulis, Athens, Greece:

I have contacted Alex during a trip to London (March 2016) as I had great recommendations for her skills both to humans and to pets.
Soon after our first meeting one of my dogs had a serious spine issue on the cervical area and she could hardly walk. Alex had been on top of her and within the first two days my dog had a huge improvement and although she was restricted and not allowed to dog walks she very soon capable to walk again and she is still doing fine.
I do have numerous examples from my pets that Alex has totally helped them and I cannot stop thanking her not only for treating my pets successfully but also for being committed to explain the details to me so I understand what is happening.

Equally November 2016 I had with no obvious reason a hip inflammation and started seriously limping and being in pain. I was in London, very busy and impatient to go on with my life. I will never forget how she took out of her pocket the medicine gave it to me and sent me back home telling me if to take it easy and talk again next morning. Within two hours the medicine started acting and next morning I was totally back to normal.

Humberto De Melo, Porto, Portugal:

Since the beginning of 2011that I have been treated, with full success by Dr. Alex de Melo.
She has treated me throughout these years for several conditions namely: skin rashes, depressions, insomnia, severe and very painful diarrhoeas, horrible and frequent headaches, flu, food poisoning and in March 2014 for sciatica, among others.

The most serious illness was the headaches, which occurred whenever I moved my head, forcing me to go to the hospital to be seen by an otorhinolaryngologist. He informed that the pains were caused by a deviation of the nasal septum and that there was no other solution, but to resort to surgery.
Consulted with Dr. Alex, she has prescribed Cistus canadensis and the pains passed completely. The ENT doctor did not want to believe it.

Among the most serious and most painful diseases were diarrhea and sciatica. The diarrhea was resolved with the medication Aloe socotrina, having finished after a few days. As for sciatic pain, which made it almost impossible for me to walk, it occurred in mid-2014, when I was on vacation, finished after having taken Lachesis mutus.
Regarding protection against flues and pneumonia, I stopped long ago taking the conventional vaccines, having only taken Oscillococcinum and to this day I’ve never been aflected by these conditions.

I have no hesitations to recommend Dr Alex as one of top experts in her field. 

Alex Juery, South Korea:

When starting a therapy with Dr Alex as a Homeopath it is like engaging yourself on a long journey. What differentiate her from any other Homeopath is her true passion for her discipline, her knowledge in Science that is limitless and her profound desire to find the remedy that will not only treat the ailment you consulted in first place but also a multitude of symptoms that you had learned to live with along the years and that will be leaving you as you embrace the cure. What makes her such a dedicated Doctor is the way she is dealing with Time. Time is actually her best Ally. In fact, she will not only take the time to listen to you and your ailments, she will take the time knowing you in depth and read through your thoughts as you will reveal your own story according to your condition and this is where her long experience in the domain together with her natural psychological aptitude will take place and play little miracle.

She will try to read in between the lines and really understand – even after one session – who you are and what you will need to find the path to complete recovery. The way she grasps the subtle connection between body and mind as well as her long experience in the nutrition field will also be additional assets to her thorough practice. Her positive and persuasive attitude are of course also helping in the process. And she will never let her patients down until the right treatment is found. She has the keys to total health balance.

I am a mother of four children and all of us including my husband are with Dr Alex since 2012.

Simi Kaur, West London, UK:

Last year I had surgery to remove a benign but growing tumour. I did not take well to the surgery which left me quite ill.  I suffered stomach related issues for many months which left me very weak. Luckily I found D. Alexandra Melo, who is highly qualified in homeopathy as well as the Sciences. I could only say the treatment I received was nothing short of a miracle, I took one remedy that was a perfect match for me and after two weeks I was significantly better.  I feel my health has been restored and have an overall feeling of wellbeing. I no longer suffer the stomach issues which had overwhelmed me for so long.  I cannot express how grateful I am for all the help and support provided by Dr. Alexandra Melo.  I also cannot stress the importance of finding a good homeopath who really understands the science behind homeopathy.

Harbinder Singh, Surrey, UK:

For sometime now I have been suffering from quite a few ailments. My daughter who is also undergoing homeopathic treatment introduced me to Dr. Alexandra Melo to  help with my health issues. Dr. Alexandra Melo showed a lot of care, compassion and was very comprehensive in her diagnosis and subsequent treatment. I believe that i can now face life better as Dr. Alexandra Melo has helped me to cope with my difficulties.

Thank you for your help and assistance.

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