Homeopathic Consultation versus Conventional Medical Consultation

Homeopathic Consultation versus Conventional Medical Consultation

Many times, during my professional years I have heard, “What is a person going to get out of homeopathy other than junk science, a sugar pill and water? Why would anyone should go to a Homeopath or even want to be one?”

I am fortunate enough to have worked and experienced both sides, the Conventional Scientific approach and the alternative Homeopathic one. Having worked for some years in academia culminating with Postdoctoral positions at Imperial and Kings Colleges, several publications in reputable international scientific journals and a Patent from MAFF, as well as more than a decade in Homeopathy, I can consciously say that, there is nothing else I would rather do, other than Homeopathy.

So, what do homeopaths do?

In more cases than not, we make people well again and much healthier than they ever thought they could possibly be.

We make people believe in themselves again.

We allow patients time, letting them sit through a 90 minutes homeopathic consultation when their medical doctors haven’t got 10 minutes to spare, constantly looking at their computers, without listening to the patient before writing up another prescription.

Homeopathy is not only about the need to get better, but it is also about taking back responsibility for your own health.


So, what Happens during a Consultation?

  • We make people think about possible causes, and wonder if there is a reason for their illness.
  • We allow our patients to question us.
  • We make them think about their lifestyle choices.
  • We make them feel responsible for their health, and we make them feel empowered.
  • We make them have respect for themselves again.
  • We teach them how to listen to their bodies, pay attention to the signs, join the dots and avoid the triggers.
  • We make them research, research and research some more.
  • We make them understand that all their emotions and pain are real.
  • In many different ways they are encouraged to use their own given brain, not the brain of a person in a white coat.
  • We allow them to realise how unique they are, preserving their dignity.
  • We make our consultation rooms a place where patients feel safe.
  • We help them understand how their body works, why dis-ease occurs and how homeopathy works and how it can help them to reach optimum health again.

And finally, when people try to judge us by how much we make, with the big majority of us knowing that money isn’t everything, we can hold our heads up high and pay no attention because they are ignorant. Hence, do you really want to know what we make?

We make a Difference!

As a homeopath, my ultimate goal is to help you live to your fullest capacity, where the entire spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical being is restored to the natural state it was created in, whenever possible.

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  • BSc – Food Engineering, 1989 – Porto University, Portugal (High Class Honors)
  • MSc – Food Microbiology, 1991 – University of Reading in the UK
  • PhD – Applied Microbiology, 1997 – King’s College, London
  • DIHom(Pract) – Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine, Practitioner Level British Institute of Homeopathy
  • FBIH – Fellowship for life, British Institute of Homeopathy
  • RSHom – Member of The Society of Homeopaths

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