Homeopathy and Christmas

Homeopathy for Christmas and Beyond

December is the time when Christmas preparations start in earnest – the shopping, the cooking, the decorations and the family gatherings.

We all aspire to the ideal of a happy, peaceful, and joyful Christmas, but sometimes it can become anything but. 

The reality is that Christmas, unpredictably, can be the best and worst of times – and the way we react to its pressures determines our experience.

Don’t let your Christmas be spoiled by exhaustion, anxiety, irritability, digestive upsets, hangovers, disappointments or children getting out of hand. Below is a list of some of the best remedies to help you through these stressful events, so that your Christmas can have the best possible chance of becoming a wonderful memory.

All the remedies can apply to an adult or a child!

1. Anxiety


…. for when a person:

  • has to sit on a bearded man’s lap
  • deals with Uncle Albert and his excessive drinking
  • tries to keep everyone happy
  • can’t fit the turkey into the oven
  • spend more than they have
  • procrastinate and run out of time
  • lose their marbles – literally or figuratively

Aconite napellus (Acon.)

Think of it when:

– has a sudden shock
– is extremely anxious and fearful
– is very restless
– wants company
– think they might die

Argentum nitricum (Arg-n.)

Think of it when:

– dwells on things that may go wrong
– thinks and does irrational things
– is restless with the anxiety
– craves sweet or and salty food

Arsenicum album (Ars.)

Think of it when:

– can’t sleep because of the anxiety
– is incredibly fussy
– worries about their health
– worries that something might happen to family members
– is critical and short-tempered
– can’t be reassured
– is very restless

Gelsemium sempervirens (Gels.)

Think of it when:

– lacks confidence
– trembles with anxiety
– feels weak with anxiety
– feels helpless and incapable of doing anything

Lycopodium clavatum (Lyc.)

Think of it when:

– has anticipation anxiety
– uses bravado or boasting to hide their anxiety
– becomes bossy or rude
– develops digestive upsets from anxiety

Phosphorus (Phos.)

Think of it when:

– has numerous fears and anxieties
– hates being alone
– feels less anxious in company
– is bright, cheerful and friendly
– is easily reassured

2. Irritability and Anger


…. It can happen when a person:

  • Doesn’t get enough sleep
  • runs out of time in which to do everything
  • doesn’t get any help from others
  • has to deal with critical or rude relatives

Chamomilla (Cham.)

Think of it when:

– screams and cries
– cannot be satisfied no matter what we do
– is cross, contrary, or quarrelsome
– demands to be carried or rocked

Colocynthis (Coloc.)

Think of it when:

– is indignant and offended
– develops abdominal cramping
– has to bend double with the pain
– is restless

Nux vomica (Nux.)

Think of it when:

– is very impatient
– competitive in games or activities and wants to be first
– sensitive to noise, light, sound, and other stimuli
– abuses drugs or alcohol when they relax
– does things to excess
– suffers from insomnia at 3 to 4am

Staphysagria (Staph.)

Think of it when:

– trembles with anger
– stutters with anger
– tries to please others
– has trouble saying no

3. Exhaustion

…. occurs when a person:

  • ends up carrying bags and bags of Christmas shopping
  • tries to cook enough food to feed China
  • subsidises the postal service with hundreds of Christmas cards
  • generally, does too much

Kali phosphoricum (Kali-p.)

Think of it when:

– mentally exhausted
– forgets things and finds it difficult to think
– weak and fatigued
– exhausted from overwork, worry, or excitement
– feels irritable with the exhaustion

Phosphoric acidum (Ph-ac.)

Think of it when:

– feels weak and feeble
– has been affected by grief
– doesn’t want to talk about it
– desires carbonated drinks or refreshing things such as fruit
– has had too much carbonated drinks

Sepia (Sep.)

Think of it when:

– feels ‘sucked dry’
– shuts down on the emotional level
– is indifferent or irritable with family members
– feels better for being alone
– feels better for strenuous exercise

4. Digestive Complaints and Hangovers

…. occurs when a person:

  • finds other uses for the brandy apart from the plum puddingv
  • eats the wrong food
  • eats for two – Santa and themselves
  • drinks too much

Carbo vegetabilis (Carb-v.)

Think of it when:

– has tremendous bloating
– belches a lot
– feels weak and exhausted
– wants to be fanned
– has difficulty breathing

Lycopodium clavatum (Lyc.)

Think of it when:

– has a distended abdomen
– digestive complaints that worsen between 4 and 8pm
– has an insatiable appetite, or
– loses their appetite after a few mouthfuls
– is irritable, rude and bossy

Nux vomica (Nux.)

Think of it when:

– drinks or eats to excess
– belches sour fluid
– has a hangover (hopefully not a child!)
– is irritable, impatient, and competitive
– is obsessed with business
– urges and strains with bowel motions or vomiting

Pulsatilla pratensis (Puls.)

Think of it when:

– suffers indigestion from fats, rich food, or pork
– has changeable moods and symptoms
– weeps openly and feels better for sympathy
– has a low thirst
– feels the heat
– avoids stuffy rooms and prefers fresh air

Sulphur (Sulph.)

Think of it when:

– develops heartburn after eating
– has sudden offensive diarrhoea first thing in the morning
– lacks appetite in the morning
– generally lazy or “domestically blind”
– suffers from skin rashes or itching

5. Disappointment and grief

…. occur when a person:

  • doesn’t get the present she or he were expecting
  • finds out that a favourite family member will be missing the gathering
  • breaks their gift five minutes after opening it
  • remembers what Christmas is used to be like before a friend or family member passed away
  • recalls past losses and heartbreaks

Ignatia (Ign.)

Think of it when:

– cries, sobs, or laughs uncontrollably
– develops hiccoughs
– wants to be alone
– broods on the disappointment
– has a lump in the throat

Natrum muriaticum (Nat-m.)

Think of it if when:

– wants to be left alone to brood
– easily offended by the slightest criticism or comment
– likes salt and fish
– avoids talking about their grief
– develops headaches with sun exposure

Phosphoric acidum (Phos-ac.)

Think of it if when:

– exhausted and apathetic
– desires carbonated drinks or refreshing foods such as fruit
– becomes withdrawn
– wants to go home to be alone

And finally, do not forget when Kids are running a riot.


There is always a point with children when the excitement gets too much!!!
They are so full of joy and excitement, with Santa on the way, that they can’t sit still, let alone hear a word we say.

When we feel we have lost it with them and it is all going to end in tears, Coffea cruda will calm children, so they are back to being themselves. It can be given when they can’t fall asleep on Christmas Eve too and best to have it by the bed, in case they bounce in at 4am on Christmas morning.

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