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Homeopathy for Animals

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All higher forms of animal’s life are capable of producing symptoms of a disease and are thus receptive to homeopathic medicine. Clearly, there are many animal lovers all over the world who like to think for themselves and, when it comes to illness, prefer a form of treatment that involves no synthetic chemicals, has no side effects and does no harm. They are in favour of a method which ensures the health of their young even before they are born, by eugenic therapy given during pregnancy. Which in sickness, has the effect of auto-vaccination, or immunization, so that the animal becomes fitter and more resistant to every disease it overcomes. 

Homeopathy is an active form of medicine. It reinforces the body’s own healing powers and does not suppress them in a way antibiotics and cortisone do. If correctly applied, it sets off natural healing regulatory processes in the organism that can overcome disease. Its action is therefore rapid, safe and sure.

Animals are loving, loyal and dutiful children of Nature. It came as no surprise, whilst living in Greece and getting involved with many rescue operations. It is remarkable how these creatures responded to homeopathic system of medicine. Skeptics often use the argument that homeopathy works because of placebo effect “it is all in the mind of the patient”. Interestingly it is hard to apply the same argument, when research shows that 80% of animals get better or recover totally, after using homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy can be used to prevent illness by supporting the immune system, thereby making the animal less susceptible to disease, injury and parasites.
Homeopathy never replaces veterinary medicine or emergency procedures. 
Homeopathy can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.
I do not claim to be veterinarian, nor do I make diagnoses
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Pet care
Homeopathy for dogs

Natasha Stamatelatos, Kapandriti, Greece:

I also can highly recommend Alex for treating animals too as she has helped me (apart from my family) personally with dogs, cats, tortoises, birds and even hedgehogs… She really knows what she is doing and I am very happy to always having her help at hand when I need it… with many different strange cases, as being an animal lover and a dedicated rescuer, you never know what tomorrow might bring!

Smaragda Pitsirikou, Kapandriti, Greece:

Mela is a seven year old, Greek Horehound-New Foundling mix. She was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis at the age of nine months, probably due to over vaccination at a very early age.

We did everything the vet suggested as a treatment. Drugs, more drugs and special veterinary-ready made-diet. Her liver continued to fail. The vet said that there’s nothing more could be done and that she was going to have a very short life. We decided to go alternative and that was when I met Alex. With her remedies and home made-real food, the miracle happened. After a month Mela was a complete different dog. She stopped vomiting, started eating, gained weight and became a normal healthy puppy.


Today she is seven years old, although her liver never recovered 100%, it never will as by the time we met Alex there was irreversible pathology, Mela is still with us. She is enjoying a perfect dog’s life; with quality, loads of energy and being able to do what any other dog does. Alex also saved Mela twice from viper’s bite. Many times she was there for me to help me with rescued strays that needed help and of course me! My asthma. After ten years of cortisone that did absolutely nothing, Alex and her remedies made me free and breathing again. Homeopathy introduced me to a whole new world. Last, but not least, homeopathy has saved me hundreds if not thousands of Euros throughout this last 7 years.Thank you Alex for your knowledge and support!!

Homeopathy for dogs
Homeopathy for pets

Thalia Moraitis, Marmari, Greece

I am grateful to have Dr Alex De Melo in my life. She has been extremely successful in treating numerous times not only my pets but also my children and myself!

First of all my experience in working with her was around 2010 when my horse had developed laminitis (an inflammation in the hooves, which causes excruciating pain). I had tried everything and nothing was working and within the same day of using the homeopathic remedy that Dr De Mello prescribed my horse was immediately relieved of the pain and within a couple of days she could walk again.  

 All the veterinarians I spoke with had warned me that once. A horse gets this disease it is known to reoccur and that the quality of my horse’s life would be greatly reduced from then on. With Alex’s help, carefully monitoring my horse and giving it a homeopathic remedy. At the first signs of the disease the symptoms would disappear almost immediately! 

My horse lived a pain free life until a ripe old age without contracting laminitis ever again. 
Dr De Melo helped me tremendously. When I was pregnant with my second child and had severe morning sickness throughout the pregnancy. Which was exhausting. The homeopathic remedy she prescribed was reducing my symptoms and was giving me a boost of energy which was life saving as I had to look after my 2 year old son also. 

Dr Alex, using her in depth knowledge of homeopathy, was also able to design a very effective schedule, including nutrition for both of my kids.

Alex De Melo for me is not only a very competent homeopath, but also having her daily support in moments of crisis has been invaluable! I would recommend her to anyone without second thought.

Tracy Ferriss

Alexandra was a great help when I had trouble prescribing a remedy for one of my elderly cats. She understood the importance of immediacy when dealing with animals and was prompt with her reply to my enquiry. Her prescription was efficacious and insightful.
Alex is clearly experienced with animals both large and small; I will happily recommend her to others and would contact her again, should the need arise in the future.

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When it comes to the suffering, the choice between Western medicine and
Homeopathy is of no importance. There are only patients who want relief
from their suffering. Having said that, this manual does not pretend in any
way to substitute for the family doctor or primary care physician, but to
provide an extra tool for those emergencies that may arise until help is

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