Homeopathic Clinic in West London

​​The aim of the clinic is to help clients understand homeopathy and provide information for access to homeopathic treatments in the UK and worldwide. It might come as a surprise, but homeopathy is by far the most widely practised alternative medicine in the world.

​​Homeopathic Clinic Appointment Process

Prior to your first appointment, you will need to fill out in detail the adequate questionnaire. Take the time you deem necessary, in the comfort of your own home, to fill out the questionnaire as detailed and accurately as possible and email it back to me.

The basic task of the patient is to report every deviation from the natural function, not only on the physical level, but also on the mental/emotional levels (e.g.relationships, work stresses, reaction to environmental changes, food cravings and aversions, sexual desire, quality of sleep, etc). Even small observations that seem insignificant from an allopathic standpoint may well be crucial from the homeopathic perspective.
Upon completion you will email the questionnaire back to me, for my thorough study and evaluation. We will then arrange for a suitable time to book your visit to the clinic or arrange for a Skype consultation (For Skype consultations see information below).
Initial consultations can be lengthy lasting up to 90 minutes depending on time required to clarify important points and/or add additional information necessary to help me provide an appropriate personalised homeopathic treatment plan.
I will investigate not only your main ailment / complaint (the reason why you seek treatment) in great detail, but also areas such as sleep, diet, personal and family medical history. I will also be interested in hearing about any areas of your life that you may consider stressful or experiencing difficulties with.
Depending on the condition and circumstances of your ailment, I may encourage a visit to your doctor for hospital tests. Being able to make an informed choice about treatment options is an important aspect of the journey towards health and well being.
All information is kept strictly confidential.
Once all information has been taken and thoroughly studied a homeopathic medicine will be prescribed.  This does not always happens on the spot, as due to the amount of information and complexity of cases, it is often necessary to spend time reviewing, analysing and studying the case, to conclude on the optimal treatment.
Homeopathic remedies are usually administered in the form of pills, or diluted as a liquid remedy.  Clear instructions on the administration of remedies will be provided.
In certain instances, if deemed necessary, advice on nutrition and lifestyle will be provided.
A follow up consultation is typically suggested 4- 6 weeks after the initial appointment.  However this may be brought forward depending on the case. Follow ups can last 30 min up to one hour.  The purpose of a follow up is to assess how response to the homeopathic remedy and to prescribe further, as needed.
Depending on the chronicity of a condition several pre-planned follow ups may be suggested, typically 3 weeks to a month from initial treatment for an initial period of 3 months and thereafter spread over longer intervals, from 3 to 6 months.
Length of treatment depends on the nature and duration (chronicity)  of your condition, and on occasion, on the quantity of medication administered.
Homeopathic medicines do not create dependency.  They aim to help you live to your fullest capacity by increasing your general level of health and strengthening your immune system.  When this is achieved and symptoms improved, treatment can be discontinued.
Often treatment does not aim to heal at once but instead by reflecting the analysis of a case, prescribes progressively most appropriate remedies over a period of time, until a general state of homeostasis is attained.

Consultation Fees

Homeopathic consultations are offered in English and Portuguese.

Initial Consultation

​​Aspects of your life will be discussed in detail (see relevant questionnaire). Be prepared to afford the time needed as well as be relaxed, focused and willing to talk about yourself.

Follow-up Consultation

They can last up to one hour. During this session, preferably at a pre-planned interval from initial treatment, the effects of your treatment are assessed and adapted accordingly. Further in –depth exchange regarding your life may be necessary.

Telephone calls, Skype calls, E-mails

In between frequent and/or regular appointments, brief discussions regarding your treatment are free of charge.

For phone, Skype and/or e-mail consultations addressing new issues and or involving prolonged discussion and/or exchange, standard follow-up fees apply.
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