Covid and Homeopathy

Covid and Homeopathy

Covid and Homeopathy

Today, humanity is living through the third serious coronavirus outbreak in less than 20 years, following SARS in 2002-2003 and MERS in 2012. It is now time to end prejudice and adopt alternative therapeutic techniques and practices that historically have proven effective in corresponding situations, in this fight against Covid-19.

Covid is a flu-like illness in which the symptoms can vary from mild to severe in intensity. The symptoms tend to appear between 2 – 14 days after the virus exposure. The most common symptoms of Covid – 19 includes fever, cough and fatigue (tiredness). Loss of smell and taste may be the early symptoms in many cases. Its other symptoms include difficulty in breathing, body aches, fatigue, headache, sore throat, runny nose or congested nose, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Elderly people and those with underlying health conditions (like diabetes, serious heart disease, lung disease, cancer, asthma and chronic kidney disease) are at high risk of developing severe symptoms and serious complications.
Covid is a flu, which became pandemic.

Homeopathy’s efficacy in addressing epidemics in the past

We have extensive Records covering more than 200 years; more than 10,000; which consistently reveal results of an extremely low mortality rate, obtained by using homeopathy during epidemics. These epidemics had a very high mortality rate like cholera, smallpox, diphtheria, typhoid fever, yellow fever and pneumonia, to name a few.

table of homeopathy's track records in pandemics

Source: Instagram Real Immunity, documentary about homeopathy in epidemics.

As an example, Andre Saine one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject and the founder of The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy presented a comparative study about the Pandemic Influenza treated Conventionally versus Homoeopathically. The Spanish Flu, also known as the Influenza Pandemic during 1918-1919, killed 10 times more people than the World War I

Comparative Mortality rate from Combined effects of Influenza and Pneumonia (CIP) under Conventional Medical Care and Homeopathy during the Influenza Pandemic

An important point to note, is that when people die of flu or flu like illness 98% of these die from pneumonia. Despite all advances that have been done in modern medicine, pneumonia remains one of the major causes of death even in developed countries. Globally pneumonia kills 1 million children younger than five years old per year, that is more than malaria tuberculosis and AIDS combined. WHO, the World Health Organisation states that one in three children die from respiratory tract infections.

Here we have a similar table, but this time for Pregnant women which were the segment/ section of the population, most susceptible to Influenza.

Comparative Mortality rate of Pregnant Women from Combined effects of Influenza and Pneumonia (CIP) under Conventional Medical Care and Homeopathy during the Influenza Pandemic

And if we look at the statistics data of the probability or odds of developing Pneumonia under

Conventional Medical Care versus Homeopathy

Rate Mortility of Conventional Medical Care versus Homeopathy

The above data establishes;

that Homeopathy greatly shortens the duration of influenza and recovery time.

There is robust evidence epidemiological and observational, that clearly establishes the cause and effect between homeopathic treatment and recovery of health, saving lives

The results of obtained by homoeopathy during epidemics cannot be explained by placebo effect.

The magnitude of treatment effect of homeopathy is remarkable.

Currently, there are several studies proving the efficacy of homeopathic approach in relation to the present pandemic.

April, 2020 (by Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH)

A group of 24 Italian medical doctors with an additional specialization in homeopathic medicines treated 50 patients with diagnosed or highly probable cases of COVID-19. Patients were prescribed a single individually selected homeopathic medicine based on each patient’s unique syndrome of symptoms, as per the homeopathic methodology. A review of 26 countries hospitalization rates for patients with COVID-19 is 32%. In Italy, the hospitalization rate is 20.4%, and the rate of patients in intensive care units is 18.7%. A listing of each homeopathic medicine prescribed is listed in this report. This study of 50 patients treated with homeopathic medicines found that their hospitalization rate was zero.

Results collected by Jeremy Sherr another brilliant homeopath and the founder of Homeopathy for Health in Africa (‘HHA’), Jeremy Sherr has been treating people with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania since 2008.
He studied at the College of Homoeopathy, London, founded the Dynamis School,1986. Jeremy has taught and lectured in over 30 countries and has published numerous articles and books.
Jeremy was awarded a Fellowship by the Society of Homeopaths in 1991 and both Medicina Alternativa and Pioneer University have awarded him a Ph.D. He is a member of the North American Society of Homeopaths, the Israeli Society for Classical Homoeopathy, an honorary professor at Yunan Medical College, Kunming, China, and an associate Professor at University Candegabe, Argentina.

Statistics on Cases based on Homeopathic remedies given

Total number of Covid cases – 204 Much better 58 – 28% Very much better 131 – 64% Slight Improvement 12 – 6% No Change 2 – 2%

Background: Homoeopathy is a medical science that should be practiced with evidence. As a practitioner, I was keen to show how Homoeopathy can give relief in this pandemic where conventional therapy was also struggling to offer treatment. Homoeopathic remedies given in Covid-19 cases in my OPD were prescribed to patients 1. who took only Homoeopathy, 2. who took Allopathy but got no relief and 3. hospitalized yet got relief with Homoeopathy. Few cases which did not get symptomatic relief were advised to stop treatment. Aims: To see the efficacy of Homoeopathy in treating covid 19 patients – with mild, moderate, and severe symptoms. Methodology: Data collected after permission from the patients to share case studies for Homoeopathy treatment of Covid-19 were obtained from GraceHealing Homeopathy clinic in Nagpur were categorized as mild to moderate and moderate to severe similimum with matching potency prescribed after detailed case inquiry, and regular Follow-ups were done until patients felt relief. Results: Homoeopathy has shown definite results in mild to moderate and moderate to severe cases up to 80% relief in mild to moderate 60% in moderate to severe. Mild to moderate cases where only Homoeopathy was given: China-ars, Ferrum-p, and Gelsemium were satisfactory. Baptisia and Carb-v adjuvant to Allopathy was also satisfactory. In hospitalized severe case gave relief, where Allopathy did not help. If Homoeopathy was given in such cases, it acts in increasing the immunity to make healing faster: Kali carb and Nux vomica satisfactory. Conclusion: With detailed case inquiry, symptomatic treatment with simillimum in correct potency can give Covid 19 patients relief.

  • Homeopathy can be of great help in managing the lingering symptoms of Post Covid syndrome. Though in homeopathy there is no specific medicine, but the medicines can be selected and used based on the symptom picture in every case which is the basic mode applied for selecting homeopathic medicines for treating /managing any of the medical conditions. One can consider use of these medicines for supportive help along with conventional mode of treatment for symptom management. Homeopathic medicines can be used to manage its symptoms including chronic fatigue (weakness), loose stool (diarrhoea), nausea, disturbed sleep, sleeplessness, muscle pain, joint pain, depression, anxiety, brain fog, difficulty in concentrating and dizziness.

These are very safe and gentle medicines prepared from naturally occurring substances and are free from any sort of side effects. There is no specific medicine in homeopathy for managing this condition and the best suitable medicine needs to be selected as per the symptoms in each of these cases.


It is still early times, but Time will tell… the above are just a few examples out of the thousands being conducted although just a few manage to get published. Presently, censorship, blocks and removes publications, Facebook alone has removed 16 Million pieces of Content & Added Warnings on 167 Million.


As a result, let me finish with the words of Master Hahnemann, which I truly believe although written over two centuries ago, are still relevant and contemporary “at the present homeopathy grows with slow progress amid the abundance of weeds which luxuriate about it. It grows unobserved, from an unlikely acorn into a little plant. Soon may its head be seen overtopping the tall weeds. Be patient – it is striking its roots deep into the earth. It is strengthening itself unperceived but all the more certainly in its own time it will increase, until it becomes an oak of God, whose arms stretch that the suffering children of men may be revived under its beneficent shadow” (Leipzig, September 1815, Letter to his close friend Dr Stapf).