Chronic or Acute? What Type of Condition do I Have? What are the Differences?

What are Acute conditions?

Acute does not mean new, although many newly diagnosed diseases present with acute symptoms.

An Acute condition or disease come on quickly and is of relatively short duration – from a day or two to about two to three weeks. They can often be traced back to the causation such as standing out in a cold wind or rain, eating bad food, lifting heavy objects, drinking something cold while sweating, receiving bad news, and the list goes on…

Examples of acute conditions are food poisoning, accidents, toothaches, sore throats, earache, influenza, tonsilitis, an asthma attack. These acute conditions have a rapid onset, the symptoms are intense, but of mostly of short duration. So, they come suddenly, they peak and mostly resolve themselves in a relatively short period. The immune system has the capacity to overcome the condition and the organism regains the same or higher homeostasis than what it was encountered before infection.

What are Chronic conditions?

Chronic conditions are those complaints that come slowly and insidiously, persist for a long time (usually more than six months) – sometimes throughout one’s whole life. The symptoms are usually mild started to be noticed here and there, at the beginning just on some days, but they become progressively worse and over time seriously affect the life quality of the patient.

Examples of chronic conditions are insomnia, allergies, recurrent infections, arthritis, thyroid disorders, post-traumatic stress, diabetes, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, back pain, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, psoriasis and the list goes on.

Chronic conditions do not resolve themselves, here the immune system has not the capacity to overcome the disease, therefore, it indicates the condition is not curable.

Role of Homeopathy

In choosing a remedy, the first question must be why you are looking for a remedy. Is it an acute episode, like a cold? Is it a chronic problem like hemorrhoids? Is it an ‘acute of the chronic’ like asthma attack?

If an acute situation the acute homeopathic remedy should be chosen on the basis of a three-legged stool model, including location, type of pain and modalities (what makes it worse or what makes it better, even if temporarily). To aid in the differentiation of remedies we can include general symptoms like cravings, thirst, general body temperature or concomitant symptoms. Concomitant symptoms are symptoms that appear with the chief complaint, as an example vomiting with nausea. Vomiting here would be the main complaint and nausea the concomitant or associated symptom.


Because of the intensity and recent onset, the patient easily provides the symptoms and an acute
homeopathic consultation usually takes between 15 to 30 min.

If a chronic condition, Homeopathy is a wonderful natural tool to assist people to become as healthy and strong as possible within their vitality. Due to its long and deep-seated characteristics, in order to choose the correct remedy the clinical history of the patient needs to be taken into account as well as the mental/emotional state, including past traumas and grieves, general symptoms and local/ physical symptoms. In other words, the totality or constellation of symptoms of the patient will indicate the most probable remedy which will assist the patient. Hence, here the consultation usually lasts between 60 to 90 min on average.


Homeopathy works extremely well alongside prescription drugs, there are no known interactions, and there is no need to stop your medication to begin or add homeopathic treatment. The remedies are natural, affordable, free of interactions, non-addictive and safe to use amongst all age groups.

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