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Homeopathy is a gentle natural therapeutic system that not only heals physical ailments, but also touches the soul. Hence it is based on affection for our patients, respect for the human condition, and compassion towards the foibles and weaknesses of humanity.


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Dr. Google has failed you? Your doctor has told you everything is fine but you don’t feel fine? You suspect your medication is palliating or bringing additional symptoms instead of addressing the the root of the problem? You want an educated opinion, not a lecture?

​​Then let me help you on your quest to help yourself.

Alexandra Melo


MSc, PhD (London), DIHom (Pract), FBIH, RSHom


I practice classical homeopathy and provide counselling in holistic treatments and nutrition. With a passion for health and science, I initiated my academic path in the fields of food & nutrition culminating with a PhD in applied microbiology from Kings College London.

I raised two children and supported my family but my love for science never diminished. I soon embarked on a journey pursuing the optimal approach to health and well-being, which led me to becoming a fully trained homeopath. I have found this holistic approach to be most complete, bringing real and lasting health benefits as it focus on the cause of disease, rather than just the superficial removal or suppression of symptoms. As a scientist and a practitioner of the healing art of homeopathy, I have focused on a system of therapy that has been a blessing to my family, patients and me.
As a homeopath, my ultimate goal is to help you live to your fullest capacity, where the entire spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical being is restored to the natural state it was created in. From the times of Hippocrates(considered father to modern medicine) the human being was recognised as a trinity of body, mind and spirit, with the last being perhaps the most important part.”

“Man consists in what he thinks and what he loves, and there is nothing else in man (Dr James T. Kent)”.

I'm so tired I can't even

I have zero energy and am overwhelmed.
This is the #1 problem I see, whether it’s the primary reason patients come to see me or it is unearthed while discussing other health concerns. Life is demanding and more is required of us than ever before.


I'm always sick and my immune system hates me.
Your immune system needs TLC. Maybe your allergies are becoming more frequent, or you’re catching every bug that’s going around the office, or your kids seem to trail anything & everything home from school.


I need ways to deal with evil PMS symptoms.
PMS can take on all forms, from irritability and tiredness, to breast pain and bloating. The reasons why it happens can be complex, but often boils down to your body not handling it’s changing hormone levels well.


I used to feel awesome and now I just don't.
Having babies takes a toll on our bodies and minds. Whether you’re 3 months post-partum or have 2 teenagers, it is typical to feel any number of things from being burnt-out, feeling edgy, or being overweight.


I still think cereal is a legitimate dinner food.
There’s no denying we all wish toast and cereal constituted a healthy meal. But as you age a diet that is deficient in any number of nutrients will catch up with you.


Poke me with needles until I give birth!
Receiving regular acupuncture treatments during pregnancy is a wonderful way to support a healthy pregnancy. Acupuncture can be an occasional “me-time” break, or can safely treat common pregnancy woes such as heartburn, nausea and carpal tunnel syndrome.

homeopathy to allieviate common issues

  • Low energy / Tiredness / Exhaustion
  • Insomnia + Sleep disorders
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Gut + Digestive Health
  • Pediatric Health
  • Allergies + Sensitivities
  • Depression + Anxiety
  • Fertility, Pregnancy & Post-Partum Health
  • Thyroid Health
  • Weight Loss + Healthy Eating Habits


Homeopathy does not address ‘diseases’ as such, but rather ‘sick people’ as individuals. This might seem as a too fine of a difference but has proved to be a pivotally insightful distinction between homeopathy and allopathy nevertheless.

When Hahnemann devised this new system of medicine called Homeopathy more than two centuries ago, science had not progressed to today’s levels. The majority of sciences – be it physics, chemistry, biology, or medicine – at the time, were focused on the basis of matter and the whole aim of treatment was on the physical state. Over time, new hypothesis develop and conventional medicine modify their treatments accordingly.

Though Hahnemann was correct in his findings, he could not explain the physical basis of homeopathy, as homeopathic medicines deal primarily with energy and not with matter, being dynamic in nature. However, homeopathy as a science follows laws and principles, which remain unchanged over two centuries.

At the present, nearly all the so-called allopathic “wonder-drugs” are failing. Bacteria have become more resistant, new viruses are still on the increase, diseases are occurring in spite of vaccinations, and the long-term side-effects of allopathic drugs are being realized.

Allopathic (conventional) medicine is in a devastating financial crisis, with hospitals going bankrupt and around us and millions of people lacking adequate health insurance; homeopathy can offer health care that is effective, free of side effects and extremely cost effective.

Thus, interest in homeopathy has seen an increase in recent years. There are more than one hundred thousand practitioners worldwide.

There are numerous homeopathic training institutions including medical colleges and research centers around the world, specialist pharmacies and many governments that have given homeopathy a legal status on a par with that of allopathy. It is encouraging to witness more universities opening special seats for Homeopathy. It is estimated that well over a million of patients worldwide are currently benefiting from homeopathic treatment. Moreover, there has to be a good reason for eleven U.S. Presidents, seven popes, other leading physicians and scientists who used and/or advocated for homeopathy, including Sir William Osler (the “father of modern medicine”), Emil Adolph von Behring (the “father of immunology”), August Bier, MD (the “father of spinal anesthesia”), Harold Griffith, MD (founding president of the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists), Charles Frederick Menninger, MD (founder of the Menninger Clinic), and C. Everett Koop, MD (former Surgeon General of the United States) amongst others, who have been known to benefit from homeopathy.

Furthermore, there have been many clinical studies, which have clearly shown the efficacy of homeopathic treatment.

What My Clients Say


Any views or advice obtained via this website should not be taken as a substitute
for medical advice or treatment, especially if you are aware of, or suffer from, a specific health complaint.​

I recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP as homeopathy and conventional medicine can be integrated when necessary to ​provide complementary services. Your GP will also be able to arrange any diagnostic procedures you may need, and provide emergency cover.

The information on this website is written WITHOUT PREJUDICE

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